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You are invited to find out more about the Bible....  This Autumn why not join a small group in the pilgrim course Bible (grow stage) Sessions, beginning early November.  Afternoon Group on Tuesdays. Evening Group on Thursdays. Please sign up on the list at the back of church or contact Rev Heather.  You don't have to have any experience of small groups or the pilgrim course before to enjoy and benefit from this short course of 6 sessions.


Your Deanery Synod... new for 2017

In 2017 we elect an entirely new synod from the 20 parishes of the Bradfield Deanery and this gives us a valuable opportunity to attract new synod representatives.

Your deanery synod provides a vital bridge between PCCs and the wider church, bringing together clergy and lay people from neighbouring parishes to help shape the future.  It's a great way to pool ideas and resources, to meet people and discuss issues common to us all and to represent our deanery's ideas and concerns to the diocese.

Could you be just the sort of person we need to help us move forward as a deanery?  We need representatives from parishes who:

  • Care about the wider church and how we work together
  • Are committed to providing good communication between parishes and the deanery
  • Have a desire to engage prayerfully and constructively with issues, building respectful relationships

If you feel you could be part of the work of the church in this way, then why not speak to your vicar or churchwardens about your interest in standing for election.  (Each PCC elects between 1 and 3 lay representatives determined by the size of the parish electoral roll).

The dates for Deanery Synod meetings in 2017 are 6 June and 5 October at 7.45pm.

THE BRADFIELD DEANERY   -    Diocese of Oxford


Saturday 28 October Charity Market

It is hoped that there will be a Charity Market this year on Saturday 18 November in Pangbourne Village Hall, organised by Reading Fibromyalgia Support Group.  It will be on the basis of previous markets, i.e. each charity 'pays rent' of two home-made cakes for their stall.  However, to make this viable as this 'rent' is what pays for the hire of the hall, more charities are needed.  If you are involved with, or know of, a charity that would like to raise some funds with a stall at the market please contact reading.fibromyalgia@gmail.com as soon as possible.  The refreshments will be provided by the parish - coffee and teas and cakes and the rather famous Ploughman's lunches.  This does need your support to make it happen.


Wednesday 1 November All Saints' Day


12 November Remembrance Sunday