What do I do next?

If you are hoping to be Baptized into the Christian Faith, or would like your child to receive Baptism (Christening) in the Church of England, please ask Reverend Heather what preparation involves - usually some teaching about the Christian Faith which may take some weeks.

It is a real reason to celebrate but please don't make party plans before you know when the Baptism may take place!

Babies can be baptised if one or both parent is committed to the Christian Faith.

Baptism is initiation into the Church family and is only for those who can promise to follow Christ and take part in the life of the church including attending public worship.  In the Church of England it is usual for you to go to your own parish church for Baptism.

An application form for Baptism can be collected from the church office in the village hall, Pangbourne on Wednesday and Friday afternoons from 12 noon until 3pm.

This form can then be returned to the church office or Reverend Heather Parbury, The Rectory, St James Close, Pangbourne RG8 7AP